Criteria for selection and function of packaging products

How the packaging preserves products

Packaging – material or a subject which preserves goods during transportation, storage and use. Still ancient people used for this purpose various natural materials, for example, clay and reed. With development of technology they start to apply wood, various metals, glass, textiles, paper for packaging. In the 20th century various polymers achieved the great popularity.

Packing products


Basic purpose of packaging – to protect goods from external impact – temperatures, moisture, mechanical damages. Besides, packaging carries out also some other major functions:

- simplifies transportation of goods and increases convenience of its use;

- whether by means of special elements the buyer can check these goods opened and whether it is authentic;

- the first acquaintance to goods therefore it plays the major marketing role for identification of a brand begins with packaging.




Among criteria of the choice of packaging there is the correct matching of material and a form, compliance to packaging purpose. Today in the printing industry big distribution was gained by flexible packaging from various films and cardboard packaging.

 Good Packing

Flexible packaging has the preference when hermeticity and lightweight is important. Cardboard packaging perfectly copes with product protection  and also gives it a bonus type. High-quality printing execution – exact reproduction of corporate colors, form compliance to an initial idea, involvement of different types of finishing is especially important for this type of packaging products.
The experienced designer and the contractor with the modern equipment will always help to pick up an optimal variant.