Packaging from “Vesna”

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"VESNA" is the advanced Ukrainian printing entity of the complete closed production cycle, a modern printing complex which implements and applies the latest technologies for production of improbable packagings of your products. Thanks to the modern equipment, unique printing technologies, by means of our professional team, "VESNA", remains the reliable partner with faultless reputation within almost 20 years. "VESNA" is a producer of exclusive high-quality cardboard packagings of any complexity.

"VESNA" makes cardboard packaging which qualitatively allocates your products from among others. "VESNA" – is a compete cycle of production that makes us independent of external circumstances. For creation of high-quality cardboard packaging for your products, "VESNA" uses various technologies, such as putting hybrid varnish, UV-paints, printing on the metallized cardboard, a covering with special effects, a flexographic print, carving, hot stamping, embossing. It distinguishes us from others.