Packaging for cosmetics

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Cosmetic goods

The cosmetics market presents a huge range of goods. In order to create a competitive product, producers pay attention not only to its quality, but also to its packaging. Unconventional packaging will help to attract the buyer’s attention and to plant an interest in a certain product. Producers realize bold and non-standard decisions for creatively different and unique boxes, including упаковка для кондитерских изделий and other types of food and non-food products.


Cosmetics packaging performs a number of important functions. First of all it protects products from ultraviolet rays and mechanical damages. Reliable perfumery packaging protects products during transportation.

Packaging, regardless of its configuration and design, contains important information, which is useful to consumers:

• date of production and expiration date

• composition

• application method

• necessary precautions

• logo and manufacturing company data

Stylish and unique packaging for cosmetics and perfumery increases brand recognition and improves sales. The unusual design of a box favorably distinguishes a product from similar products on store shelves.


The packaging for perfumery and cosmetics is produced by VESNA in various configurations. At the request of the customer it can be manufactured according to various design solutions. Cardboard packaging for cosmetics is made of high quality and environmentally friendly materials.

Various techniques, both standard and innovative are applied to production and design of a box:

• hybrid printing (drip off), including printing on the metalized cardboard

• finishing – die-cutting, embossing, cuttings and other

• offset printing on the metalized cardboard

•transparent window patching for demonstration of contents and increasing of consumers’ interest

Before the order production starts the design is carefully developed and agreed upon with the customer. It allows making goods that completely correspond to the marketing idea and the customer's wishes.

Besides design quality and originality, VESNA guarantees flexible prices. Wholesale cosmetics packaging order will have lower price than a standard  order.


VESNA provides printing services and creation of high-quality, original and stylish полиграфическая продукция, perfumery and cosmetics. 

Our experts will help to implement the most bold design solutions and ideas. It will increase goods competitiveness and sales



Packaging for cream

Products of the company differ by reliability and safety. Our experts will develop optimum appearance and a design of packing, and applying of the modern printing equipment will provide high quality of printing and design decoration. Our упаковка производство for cosmetics by small wholesale will allow to buy products which is necessary for you at the attractive price.