Why the die cutting costs much?

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    Finishing works – an important component of printing process. At this stage products take the finished form. In addition to direct cutting the a die cutting of cardboard allowing to round off corners, to cut out openings or to give to a product practically any non-standard form is rather often used. It is especially important for packaging: the product is more original, the has more chances to attract the buyer.


    The design of future packaging is developed at the very beginning of a production chain. Then also the product form is thought over. At this stage it is extremely important to be determined also with the contractor about the printing. Only the typography with the high-quality modern equipment will allow to order the most difficult patterns which profitable distinguish packaging.
    The most widespread technology - the cutting by a flat stamp requiring production of the special creasing die consisting of metal and plywood.


    Blue Packaging

    Need of die cutting increases the product price as additional technological transaction adds to. On preparation of a form some resources and time are required.

    Even if the order repeats, wearing of a form begins after 3-4 circulations. Process is profitable only in case of big circulations. Laser die cutting of packaging, on the contrary, is more effective in case of production of single or small circulations.