Confectionery packaging

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 Packaging of confectionery

Packaging for confectionery plays an important role in stimulating a sweet tooth to purchase a delicacy. Unconventional decoration of sweets draws attention of consumers and provides for brand recognition. Beautiful confectionery packaging drives up demand for the product, which immediately is swept off the shelves.

Today non-standard designs and striking solutions are the trend. Not every printing house can cope with the task, but VESNA is capable to execute any customer’s whim and be a welcome surprise.


Packaging for confectionery performs several important functions. First of all it protects sweets from moisture, ultraviolet rays and other external factors as well as from dust, dirt and other pollution. Boxes for cupcakes preserve the taste andappetizing look of these culinary masterpieces. Use of a suitable container is especially important during transportation of sweets. It will save products from mechanical damages.

Packaging for candies performs also an esthetic function. An unconventional design, quality printing and a bright image draw the buyers’ eye and induce in them a desire to purchase products. Unusual packaging is especially important for New Year gifts. Bright and unusual appearance of even a standard selection of sweets will be an esthetic pleasure, putting one in a festive mood. We print any kind of jobs even on tea tags.

We carry out any printing orders even упаковка лекарственных препаратов.

According to the conducted marketing research stylish packaging for cakes, candies, gifts and other sweets enhances confidence in the brand, attracts new buyers and increases sales.



Types of confectionary packaging

VESNA printing house provides design solutions for stylish sweets packaging. The boxes can be different in purpose, form and design. According to the purpose the following types are common:

• a honeycomb box for cakes, muffins, cupcakes and zephyr

• packaging for bonbons

  • packaging for chocolate

• packaging for gingerbreads

• a box for cakes

• packaging for gifts (for candies or cakes)

Коробки для кондитерских изделий can be of different form – round, square, oval, etc. Packaging for cupcakes, cakes, candies and other sweets also differs in their configuration. The product can be in the form of a casket, a bag, a standard box. It is possible to add a container with handles, a lock clamp, a liner, a honeycomb insert etc.  


The gift packaging realized wholesale by VESNA meets standards of environmental safety and quality. High-quality and environmentally friendly material is used for production.

To make the New Year gift boxes advantageously different from similar products, various printing technologies are applied, for example, silk-screen printing, drip off, embossing, stamping, die-cutting and others. To make it look interesting and stylish, window patching is possible. And as a result of application of even standard printing technologies, the packaging will attract buyers.

The packaging of New Year gifts and confectionery produced by VESNA has a number of advantages:

• high quality of the used raw materials and ecological safety

• production of boxes of any form and configuration according to the customer's wishes

• optimum ratio of cost and product quality

• use of traditional and non-traditional printing methods and packaging design

The durable, good quality and unconventional container for confectionery guarantees the product’s safety and sales increase. It is possible to order boxes for cakes, candies, New Year's gifts and other sweets at VESNA contacting us by phones indicated in the Contacts.