Order cardboard packaging for alcohol in the printing house

Packaging for alcoholic beverages

packaging for alcohol

Competent design of packing for alcohol allows to distinguish a product on the shelf, to cause in the consumer the necessary mood or association with a concrete brand. Correct alcohol packing will emphasize nobility of cognac, will give additional charm to refined wine, will add solidity to the matured whisky, will give information on age of drink and its origin.

Looking at a gift box for a wine bottle, the buyer wants to taste drink even before acquisition, mentally introduces its tasting among the family or friends, feels the seductive aroma.

To create such mood, to inspire to purchase this drink how many it cost, – this is the purpose of both the designer, and printing house, and the customer company. Therefore, by production of a gift box for alcohol, it is important to consider the audience of buyers, age, national traditions, the culture of consumption. Specialists of "Vesna" printing house are able to make perfect packing for vodka, champagne or any other product. The customer will fall in love with it at first glance!


Two types of cardboard boxes are applied in production:

 - with gluing together (the structures, which demands use of glue);

- self-assembling (which are not demanding any glue)


Selection of material for packing for vodka or champagne – an important stage in creation of high-quality packing. It has to answer the designer's idea and also correspond to the weight and the size of products, also service conditions.

Packing for wine, vodka or whisky is made from different types of cardboard, in particular, from a waste, cellulose and microcorrugated cardboard.

The ideal choice is the metallized cardboard: packing for alcohol products from it looks brighter and more effective.

That the gift box for wine was steadier and resistant to deformations, laminated cardboard, that is, the cardboard strengthened by means of overlaminating of other material is used (films, cardboard, a microcorrugated cardboard).

packaging for alcohol Nemiroff


Bright and bright packing for alcohol assumes use of different printing technologies. "Vesna" printing house has the wide range of the modern equipment allowing to offer business clients maximum quantity of various effects at production of packing for wine or other alcohol.

In particular, for obtaining live, saturated and very resistant images on a wine box the company apply the UV-paints.

Hybrid printing technology allows to combine different types of varnishes and to give surfaces structure or a relief, to allocate the most significant places.

Packing for champagne with a combination of the UV printing, a hybrid printing and the metallized cardboard looks really impressively!


Finishing processing in polygraphy gives a final shape and finishes an image to a product. At this stage there can be a giving of texture to cardboard, varnishing (continuous or selective), Soft-touch covering, embossing, stamping by a foil, die-cutting and gluing together. A resulting effect - ideal packing for whisky, wine or champagne.