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Tea label

Tea label - Ahmad tea

Tea is a fragrant and tasty drink which is introduced in wide assortment – black, green, fruit, grassy, etc. The choice of drink is influenced by not only taste and a tea brand, but also convenience use of a bag. And in it an important role is played by tea labels in bags which thanks to original design look unusually, fix user's eye and functionally help it when using a bag.  

Criteria of production

Tea labels can contain information on a product and a brand that increases products recognition and indirectly influences sales. Cosmetic packaging is created according to the same principle. Labels have an appearance of small rectangles which fasten to disposable bags by thread. For the purpose of increase in their informational content the bilateral seal is applied.

Buyers when choosing products even more often turn to attention to bright and attractive packings, external design which also are in addition created the special mood during the tea drinking. The tea quality has to correspond to packing quality. For drawing attention of the buyer and making decision on purchase the unusual design and ideal printing quality is necessary. In order that bags for tea were memorable, it is necessary to take care of design registration not only boxes, but also a label.


Tea label - Vesna


To find stylish design on tea labels and to order their printing, it is possible in "Vesna" company. We care for our customers therefore we provide top-level printing services, carrying out all wishes and preferences of the customer.

High-class specialists who consider a set of nuances work on development of design. Tea labels are made of ecologically safe materials conforming to the international standards. Special printing technologies and the equipment are applied to a printing process.

Ordering tea labels in "Vesna" company, you receive an original and qualitative product which will increase brand recognition, will attract new customers and will improve sales. As is well-known  - the devil hides in small stuffs!