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    Paper is one of the most ancient packaging materials. It was used to protect goods against exposure in days of yore. Besides, it was suitable for placing images and subsequently letters to make products stand out.

    Even more attention to "design" of packaging began to be paid in the Middle Ages, with the first newspapers and beginning of the printed advertizing. Announcements about goods required colorful images: producers perfectly understood that the beautiful, correctly picked up продуктовая упаковка promotes sales.

    In the beginning of the 19th century, after invention of machines for paper and cardboard production these materials become more affordable for mass use. And they have not lost popularity still: the printing industry creates packaging masterpieces from them! 


    In the 19th century oatmeal was sold in barrels, and mostly fed to the cattle. H.P. Crowell, an American, changed the attitude of his compatriots to oatmeal cereals by just packing them into folding cartons. The logo and a number of recipes to cook oatmeal was placed on the four color packaging of Quaker Oats. An excellent example when correctly picked up packaging creates demand.

    In 1900 Nabisco company revolutionized кондитерская упаковка , wrapping Uneeda biscuits into paper and placing them into an oblong box. The emphasis was placed on the fact that double packaging preserves biscuits better "in any weather". The patented In-Er-Seal technology brought huge popularity to these biscuits.



    In 1902 the same American company Nabisco (National Biscuit Company) presented to buyers small-size packaging for crackers in the form of animals. The shape of packaging reminded of a circus wagon, and a tape was attached on top: the release was dated for Christmas, and it was supposed that packaging will serve as decoration on Christmas trees. Kids and their parents fell in love with the design so much that it remains practically unchanged today. About 40 million boxes of the crackers are sold yearly.


    Uneeda biscuit


    The same American company Nabisco (National Biscuit Company) in 1902 presented to buyers small packagings of crackers in the form of animals. Packaging in a form reminded the circus vehicle, and the tape above was attached: release was dated for Christmas, and it was supposed that упаковка для печенья will serve as decoration on Christmas trees. The design of a product was so fallen in love to kids and their parents that to today practically remains invariable. In a year about 40 million packagings of these cookies are on sale.


    Original packaging for eggs in a shape of a chicken, which just laid an egg, associates the product with freshness and attracts attention, nobody had dared to go beyond the habitual before and to represent a layer at the most interesting moment of its life. The Springetts Brand Design Consultants company became the author of such unusual packaging.



    In 1955 the tobacco giant Philip Morris for the first time presented cigarettes in картонная упаковка. Its white-red design is still well-known. The rigid pack protected cigarettes in the smoker's pocket, unlike soft packaging, which had been  used earlier. Besides, to get a cigarette, it was necessary to get the pack out. An imaginative packaging of goods became an excellent method to advertize them under conditions when other means of communication for the tobacco companies were limited. Sales of cigarettes of this brand rocketed.

    Securing long-term success: it is necessary to remember it!

    PMCertainly, any distinctive packing of goods will draw buyers’ attention. However you shouldn't forget that the effect of novelty is very important therefore even the companies with a long-term history constantly improve design, involving new materials and technologies. To get access to best services and technologies contact professionals of VESNA printing plant!

    To follow global trends in packaging and printing industry is the key to success in competitive struggle.