Original packaging of goods: 5 successfully implemented projects

Stories of progress thanks to packaging

Quaker oats

Paper – one of the most ancient packaging materials. It was used for protection against external impact of goods from the ancient times. Besides, it allowed to put  the drawings - and subsequently the letters - allowing to allocate products.

Even more attention to "design" of packaging began to be paid in the Middle Ages, with the first newspapers and beginning of the printed advertizing. Announcements of goods required colorful images: producers perfectly understood that the beautiful, correctly picked up packaging promotes sales.

At the beginning of the 19th century with the invention of machines for production of paper and a cardboard, these materials become more available to mass use. And still they didn't lose popularity: the printing industry allows to create masterpieces from them these packaging! 


In the 19th century porridges were on sale in barrels, and mostly fed with them the cattle. American G.T. Crowell changed the relation of compatriots to porridges, having only placed them in folding cartons. The logo and a number of recipes with the use of porridge was applied on quadricolour packaging of Quaker oats. An excellent example when correctly picked up packaging promotes creation of demand.



In 1900 revolution in packaging was made by the Nabisco company, having packed the Uneeda cookies both into paper, and into the long box. The emphasis was placed on the fact that double packaging keeps cookies better "in any weather". The patented In-Er-Seal technology brought to cookies huge popularity.


Uneeda biscuit


The same American company Nabisco (National Biscuit Company) in 1902 presented to buyers small packagings of crackers in the form of animals. Packaging in a form reminded the circus vehicle, and the tape above was attached: release was dated for Christmas, and it was supposed that packaging will serve as decoration on Christmas trees. The design of a product was so fallen in love to kids and their parents that to today practically remains invariable. In a year about 40 million packagings of these cookies are on sale.


Original packaging for eggs with the image of chicken who just laid egg associates a product with freshness and draws attention, nobody dared to be beyond habitual before and to represent a layer at the most interesting moment of her life. The Springetts Brand Design Consultants company became the author of such unusual packaging.



In 1955 the tobacco giant Philip Morris for the first time provided cigarettes in firm packaging with a folding cover. Its white-red design is still well-known. The hard box protected cigarettes in the smoker's pocket, unlike soft packaging which was used earlier. Besides, to get a cigarette, it was necessary to get all box. An original packaging of goods began an excellent method to advertize itself in conditions when other means of communication for the tobacco companies are limited. Sales of cigarettes of this brand rose up.

Ensuring long success: it is necessary to remember it!

Certainly, any original packing of goods will draw attention of buyers. However you shouldn't forget that the effect of novelty therefore even the companies with long-term history constantly enhance design is very important, involve new materials and technologies.

To watch global trends in packaging and the poligraphic branches – the key to success in competitive struggle.