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Manufacturers of food products should use various marketing mixes to draw buyer's attention, to gain his trust and to increase sales. It is profitable to allocate goods on shop counters could help an interesting and unusual packing for products. It has to meet quality requirements and have stylish design. Besides, product packing has to ensure safety, freshness and original form of products.


Packing of food performs several important functions. First of all it provides preserving from influence of negative external factors – sunshine, increased humidity, dust, microbes, bacteria and other pollutions. Packing of products has to protect it from mechanical damage. It will allow to keep it safe.

Packing for food provides also convenience during transportation. Some types of a container help to transfer at the same time several groups of goods, including confectionery packaging.

Cardboard packing for fast food and other food, such drinks as tea and coffee is intended to inform the buyer on important aspects also:

• structure of products;

• date of production;

• expiration dates;

• requirements to transportation;

• storage conditions;

• possibilities of secondary processing.

Packing for fast food with a logo provides advertising of goods, advances it among consumers. It helps to identify a brand and increases its recognition.


Packing for foodstuff has to follow to a number of requirements. At the same time the products type on which the box is calculated is surely considered. Packing for coffee, tea and other food has to conform to the following requirements:

• environmental friendliness of materials, which are used for box production;

• security of printing paint and decorative elements;

• durability and reliability that will ensure safety of products from external factors and mechanical damages during transportation and storage;

• convenient form and flexibility;

• moisture and deformations resistance;

• esthetic attractiveness, memorable design;

• light weight.

Packing for tea and coffee has to meet the requirements for tightness also. The specifics of products mean absolute protection against moisture. Only high-quality coffee packing will help to keep amazing taste and aroma of drink, and the stylish design will make it a hit of sales.



Boxes for pizza, tea, coffee and fast food are designed to draw attention of consumers and to increase sales. It is possible to achieve it by means of unique design which has to correspond to the set marketing strategy. Food packing has to be stylish, modern and memorable. Box design is the first that is evident and helps to make the decision on product acquisition.

"Vesna" company uses for packing production only high-quality material from environmentally friendly materials which meets an international standards. As a rule, cellulose, corrugated or waste cardboard, a pargament, coated both craft paper and other materials are applied.

For arrangement of packing for fast food, coffee, tea and other products the printing and postprinting equipment and also various printing and arrangement options are used:

• stencil and offset printing;

• stamping by a foil;

• mettalization;

• microstamping;

• embossing;

• die-cuttings;

• handling;

• hybrid varnishing.

Developing and putting in production of a tea, coffee, fast food and other food product boxes, polygraphy considers all customer wishes. At the same time customers are pleased by a ratio of price - service qualities - final result.

Besides packing for tea wholesale will have more profitable cost, than small wholesale party if to order it from us.

Cooperating with us you receive packings with the transparent windows perforated fasteners, of various form and configuration. Stylish modern design will help to distinguish product, and high quality and security of the used materials will ensure safety of the sold products.