Packaging for pharmaceutics

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Packaging of medical and pharmaceutical goods

Packaging for pharmaceutical products belongs to special type of goods that have to conform to the European quality standards. Competent design ensures long term storage of the product. High-quality packaging attracts buyers with its unique design, gives feeling of confidence in safety of medicines. And availability of specific symbols or signs (hologram) confirms the authenticity of products. This applies to all types of packaging, including упаковка для пищевых продуктов


Packaging for medicines performs a number of important functions. First of all it distinguishes a product from similar boxes, which is an advantage. It additionally increases the brand recognition.

Pharmaceutical packing also protects integrity of medicines. It protects them from high humidity, ultraviolet rays and mechanical damage.

In addition, data on the producer, composition of medicine and expiration dates are specified on the box. According to requirements, packaging for pharmaceuticals has to contain all important information in the state language and in the Braille's font.

Material and design selection

Production of packaging for medicines begins with the choice of the main material to which very strict demands are made:

• absolute environmental friendliness and security

• lack of a pungent smell or taste which is capable to affect quality of medicine

• high wear resistance that will provide protection of medicine against negative impacts of the environment

Упаковка лекарственных препаратов should not react with other medicines, changing their chemical and qualitative properties. This requirement concerns all types of packaging, including the one for food.

VESNA is engaged in printing business and uses solid bleached board with coated or bleached back side for production of cardboard packaging. Such pharmaceutics packaging meets all requirements, described above.

Except quality, an important role is played also by the box design and finishing. Sometimes it attracts or pushes away the buyer, generates trust or distrust in the producer and medicine. For this reason, the external design of medicine packaging is often responsible for the final decision on purchase of pharmaceutical products.

Quality standards

VESNA provides printing services and takes care of the quality of its production. Boxes for medicines comply to requirements for quality and reliability, are distinguished by creative design, where every singly little feature or detail has been well thought through. Prints are most exact and sharp, counterfeit protection is also available.

 Packaging for medicines is manufactured with modern high tech printing and finishing equipment. It provides for realization of most challenging designer’s solutions.

UV printing guarantees sharpness and brightness of prints, the smallest font is easy to read. Due to this the important information for a buyer fits on a box.

Thanks to newest technologies the color rendering of secondary packaging corresponds to that of primary packaging. Additionally it is possible to create a relief (micro embossing), to ensure pleasant tactile sensations.

One cannot do without conventional finishing like foil stamping, embossing, varnishing, window patching, die cutting, folding and gluing. The final product looks presentably, it stands out among similar pharmaceuticals.