Die cutting and gluing are the finishing processes which allow assigning the desirable shape to printed goods.

Automatic press for flat die-cutting produces blanks of the necessary shape from a single cardboard, paper or plastic sheet. Combination of creasing and partial cut creates openings, bends or waves around the image contour of any complexity level. The customer pays for a die, which lasts for a certain number of cuts/strokes, only once.

Die-cutting is applicable for production of packaging, labels, promotional materials (booklets, leaflets, etc.).

Usually a die-cutting layout is developed individually by the order, considering dimensional characteristics and substrate weight. VESNA owns huge library of die-cutting layouts (more than 2000 ready-made designs). Thus, it is possible to reduce the packaging cost due to use of the already existing die.

Gluing is the process of connecting paper product’s components with a special glue. Depending on the design complexity, gluing can be manual or automatic.

Our printing plant is equipped with three automatic folder-gluers, which allow high speed folding and gluing of картонная упаковка of any complexity.