Micro embossing

Micro embossing is the innovative method of raw materials finishing which gives the plain surface of the cardboard (including metalized one) or paper a desirable relief texture.

Micro embossing is not only a good alternative to designer cardboard, but also has a number of advantages, allowing to create an individual textures design because of UV inks as well as applications of various types of finishing such as multi-level hot stamping, spot varnishing and others.

Benefits and application of microembossingре


Micro embossing is applicable to a big range of sheet materials. The technology is used for the metalized cardboard of different weight, paper, regular cardboard, and plastic.

It is widely applied in production of упаковка для шоколадных конфет, cosmetic and alcoholic products of a premium class, production of gift boxes, labels, advertisement printed products, printing of cards, invitations and other.


  • status value of the products manufactured by means of this technology
  • hologram images as well as  the other visual effects
  • memorable texture with tactile properties
  • impossibility of imitation
  • positioning of goods as premium ones

The substrate size for micro embossing is from 360x540mm to 700х1000 mm, thickness – from 0.08 to 0.8 mm.


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