Varnishing is applied in printing for transparent covering of the substrate for enhancement of its durability, and to obtain a decorative effect.

VESNA offers a wide range of varnishes: opaque, glossy, nacreous, opaque and glossy with glitters or pigments, etc.

Varnishes are divided into three types: offset (oil), water and dispersive and UV cured.

Oil varnishes are most often used for varnishing of printed areas only, and as a coating for overprints.

Water-based dispersive varnishes, thanks to the ecological compatibility and high degree of transparency are especially popular.

UV varnishing is a good competition to lamination, providing excellent luster and durability to attrition and external influence. Spot UV varnishing allows achieving unique visual effects.

Varnish can be applied right after printing (in one run through the press) or by the varnishing machines over the already printed substrate.


Varnishing is widely used for packaging for medicines, confectionery, juice, tea, and cosmetics.

Varnishing not just increases the mechanical durability of печать упаковки, but also increases its attractiveness for the buyer. Varnish can enhance the sharpness of an image or text and also emphasize separate elements of design. The combination of matt and glossy lacquer creates roughness of a surface, and application of nacreous varnish provides for a rich palette of optical effects.