Printing on the metallized cardboard

Basis of the metalized cardboard is cardboard laminated with metalized films. Gold and silver films are most popular, however the colored metalized cardboard also occurs. Packaging from such material captures the eye of consumers, makes the goods stand out on the shelf.

As the metalized cardboard belongs to nonabsorbent substrates, printing on it is similar to printing on plastic. The substrate is treated with corona discharge to increase the surface tension and adhesion. High quality printing is provided by combination of correctly chosen inks, moisturizing solution and material.

During the work with metalized cardboard, as a rule, an offset printing by UV inks, but also other options are available: foil embossing hot stamping, UV varnishing.

Printing on the metalized cardboard makes it possible to apply full-color images with various holographic effects and also to obtain high precision elements by means of an offset printing.


Printing on the metalized cardboard is applied for production of упаковка для косметики and perfumery, confectionery, children's goods, POS materials and promotional print, cards, stickers etc. Production of such products as base layers from the metalized cardboard is in demand in Ukraine.

The metalized cardboard adds presentability to appearance of goods herefore it is often used when packaging premium products. It is good for finishing and protects from moisture and UV rays. It allows creating effects of volume and space of the image, enhancing protection of goods against counterfeits.