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In everyday life we daily use various manufactured goods – soap, laundry detergent, toothpaste, dishwashing detergents etc. Products differ in quality, structure, scope of application. However, regardless of a product type, packaging for industrial goods has to be recognizable and at the same time meet quality and safety requirements. Check out the different types of packages on the site.


Packaging for household chemicals performs three important functions: informational, esthetic and protective (practical). A competent and responsible approach to production will allow making it multipurpose and convenient.

First of all the commodity packaging ensures safety of goods during transportation, storage in a warehouse or on store shelves. It protects a product from:

• mechanical damages

• ultraviolet rays

• increased humidity

• dust and other pollution

To cope fully with its purpose, packaging for soap, powder, detergent and other manufactured goods has to be durable, reliable, with high degree of protection. An important requirement is the resistance to deformations, mechanical effects and moisture. It can be achieved with quality raw materials and our modern equipment.

Manufactured goods packaging plays an important informational role. According to requirements of the legislation and sanitary standards, a box has to contain the following information:

• composition

• date of production

• expiration date

• information on toxicity

• application instructions and security measures

In addition packaging of laundry detergent, soap and other products may contain data on the brand and producer. All information has to be readable and comprehensible, written in the state language.

Manufactured goods packaging is an effective tool in the battle for the consumer’s attention. A stylish box with a creative print, embossing and unusual design catches an eye and can get the buyer interested. Unconventional packaging for soap and other products makes a brand recognizable and popular. These factors influence and promote sales increase.

To make laundry powder packaging interesting for the consumer, different printing and finishing technologies are applied. Special attention is paid to design and color scheme. However, in pursuit of originality, you should not forget that boxes and bags for soap packaging have to be practical and convenient.




Recycled cardboard is used for production of manufactured goods packaging. It guarantees environmental friendliness and security of a finished product. Consumer packaging for manufactured goods, which have to be protected against moisture, can be produced from laminated cardboard.

Ordinary-looking single-color boxes sank into oblivion long ago. Modern packaging for soap, laundry powder and other household chemicals demonstrate creative design. Thanks to creativity of designers and modern printing equipment, manufactured goods packaging is similar to works of art – bright, attractive, beautiful and unusual.

 Where to order

It is possible to order household chemicals packaging at VESNA printing house. Our company provides top level services. You can order a cardboard box for any goods, of different shapes, sizes and configurations. Individual development of goods packaging according to customer’s wishes and specifics of a product is also possible.

Printing quality and sharpness of the received image are determined by use of the hybrid printing equipment. Different finishing technologies are used to highlight the  product: die-cutting, stamping, folding, lamination, gluing and others.

VESNA offers quality products at prices affordable for everyone. Wholesale production of big runs of soap packaging offers more lucrative prices.

Placing an order with VESNA, you are guaranteed to receive beautiful packaging with a unique design and a quality printing that will allow your company to become the manufactured goods market leader.