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In the century of active information technology development and Internet, paper letters lose their popularity and relevance. However in certain cases beautiful leaflets are an excellent opportunity to attract attention, to declare the attitude to the person, to show feelings, to congratulate on a holiday or to invite to an important celebration. They give positive emotions and remain for a long time a reminiscence of bright and pleasant moments of life.

VESNA carries out production and printing of cards of different shapes and configurations. They are distinguished by brightness, unconventional design and unique decorative elements. We print cards on order, taking into account all customer’s wishes. Here you can also заказать упаковку various types of goods and products.


A greeting card is a universal and most popular present for any holiday. It will ideally compliment the main gift, will help to express feelings, words of gratitude or admiration.

Cards production, which is quite in competence of our company, is a complex process that includes several stages:

1. The choice of the product type – advertizing, greeting, corporate, invitation, etc

2. Approval of the form, design and dimensions

3. Development of design, selection of color scheme, type of finishing, and decorative elements

4. Printing of cards and delivery to the customer


Cards can be printed in different forms and the sizes. They also differ in a configuration and the purpose.

Advertising leaflets are aimed at the brand recognition enhancement and increase of its popularity. To print them a creative and stylish design is required,  bright and sticking in one’s memory. An effective marketing ploy is to make use of unique and notable decorative elements, uncommon finishing (for example micro embossing) or just placing a motivational quote on the product.

Corporate cards with a logo are used to create a special image. Small-size products with the brand’s logo are handed to business clients or visitors of the company to leave an impression or as a reminder.

Digital printing is applied to produce different types of cards including invitations and greetings. They are handed over to anniversary celebrants, newlyweds and other heroes of the occasion, expressing the feelings and giving positive emotions at the same time. Production of cards on order means application of unique design that follows fashionable trends and meets the consumers’ requirements. Stylish products with images of popular heroes, cities, beautiful flowers or abstractions can do it.

Personalized cards are of particular importance. Until recently, budget production of quality cards with variable data was impossible. With the appearance of the digital offset B2 printing press personalized cards and invitations can be produced in one day.

Design development

Printing of cards sets imagination fully free. Each customer independently defines the product’s design concept, theme, color scheme, application of decorative elements and other important nuances.

VESNA provides a wide range of printing services. For production and decoration of products the following effects and techniques are used:

  •  flexographic and offset printing of cards, also on plastic and metalized cardboard
  • drip off
  • budget silk screen printing
  • blind embossing, colorless, hot stamping, including foil embossing;
  • unconventional die -cutting that gives to products a special look and elegance.

Such items can be produced in different shapes and sizes, since variable design and digital printing are a reality that came to be a long time ago. We can make them personalized, one-sided or folding – everything depends on purpose of products and customer’s wishes. Ordering printing of cards and invitations with us you have an opportunity to independently choose material for products – regular or textured cardboard, glossy or laminated paper, to order individualized cards or single copies of invitations.

Order Placement and Production

VESNA ensures high printing quality of cards at affordable prices. Ordering products at our printing house has a number of indisputable advantages:

1. Our designers will help with creation of an unconventional, interesting design that makes much of an impression. High-class specialists will create the model from scratch or adapt the available idea. We will help to realize the most bold and crazy design decisions.

2. The cost of cards printing is affordable to everyone. Besides, it is possible to order single copies, small lots or large runs. On the wholesale order we can print cards at more profitable and affordable prices.

3. High printing quality, application of different printing and finishing technologies makes a product beautiful and of high quality.

4. An order placement can be done online or by phone. Besides, we deliver all over Ukraine.

If you are looking for high quality printing of creative cards at budget cost contact VESNA. Our specialists will help with creation of a stylish design for unparalleled products.