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Shelves of modern shops dazzle with various goods. To make your product noticeable among a huge range of similar products, it is necessary to show ingenuity and this is what creative and attractive packaging is for.

Designer cardboard can help with realization of this idea. Beautiful paper or картон декоративный with a unique texture makes a box interesting, it catches the buyer's eyes. Packaging that is pleasant to look at and touch suggests high quality of goods inside. Decorative cardboard gives a presentable appearance to packaging, makes it stick in mind. The unusual texture, which grants pleasant tactile sensations, acts as the attention grabber.


 Decorative or textured cardboard is a universal material. It is suitable for creation of packaging of various formats and designs. Cardboard with texture can be used for  packaging of food, cosmetics, manufactured goods and other products. Packing produced of such cardboard will help to create and support image of your company.

 Decorative cardboard with embossment is an ideal option for распечатать грамоту, envelopes, invitations, gift boxes, booklets and others. Such printed materials will not remain unnoticed, will pleasantly surprise and will be remembered.

 Designer cardboard has all properties of regular one:

 • protects goods from mechanical damage during storage time or when transported

 • textured cardboard better preserves products against negative impacts of the environment – ultraviolet rays, moisture, dust

 • informs the consumer on the product’s composition, its producer and expiration dates

 • unconventional cardboard, which texture acts as a powerful marketing weapon, increases the brand’s status and popularity of the product by attracting buyers

Packaging produced with designer cardboard with the individual texture has one more advantage – protection of products against counterfeit. It is impossible to accurately copy individually developed texture. It strengthens confidence with the consumer for the brand and products of the company and also allows using packaging as a special feature, a business card so to speak.


VESNA is a company that uses and recommends to use embossed cardboard with embossing (micro embossing, texturing) for packaging production. The micro embossing technology adds unique texture to any paper. Unconventional texture will make even the simplest packaging attractive and beautiful. It is possible to order textured cardboard with unique, individual structure from us.

Our equipment embosses both regular and metalized board. It will give special charm to a box with your products.Universal material

Special equipment and software create various images and texts on textured cardboard. At the same time brightness and sharpness remain top-level. However specialists are sure that the printing of motley design on decorative paper does not make sense. All essence of a product, its beauty, texture and attractiveness are lost. It is recommended to use not more than three shades of inks to print information, the brand’s logo and images not to distract the buyer from the product’s packaging.

To add elegance to the product the specialists of VESNA apply various finishing methods. Stamping with gold enjoys popularity.

VESNA offers printing services of any complexity and at affordable prices. Usage of textured cardboard will become decorative addition to a printing. Instead of purchasing standard designer cardboard by wholesale we suggest making an individual texture (for example to imitate various natural textures or to create your own branded one for realization of the most daring creative ideas and design plans).

Ordering printed products from us, you receive a high quality product of creative design that will positively influence business development and promotion of goods!