The design department of VESNA develops new solutions for cardboard packaging. Another task is the design optimization, cutting down raw materials costs to make the product less expensive.

For example, as we know, 80% of the cardboard packaging cost is the board itself. The optimum packaging design saves costs through more efficient configuration of cutouts on a cardboard sheet.

 The optimum design


  • will develop the layout
  • will make a mockup of future packaging
  • will optimize a ready-made design
  • will select cardboard of the necessary weight
  • will cut out a full-scale packaging sample with the plotter
  • will correct the dimensions if necessary
  • will create the most unconventional designs
  • will arrange the layouts on a cardboard sheet in the most compact way

For selection of suitable ready-made solutions a design library is provided. This library contains more than 2000 ready-made designs of печать картонной упаковки and die-cutting knives layouts. Each customer can choose either a suitable ready-made design or place an order for a new one.

Qualification, professionalism and extensive experience of our specialists can guarantee the creation of unique vector design layouts.


  • design complexity
  • print run
  • colors number
  • cardboard type
  • raw materials type
  • complexity of the applied technologies
  • die-cutting knife cost