Augmented Reality by Vesna

Application of the augmented reality technology (complemented or expanded reality) becomes more and more popular in the marketing. Advertising campaigns in which the AR technology is involved bring a bigger response and a higher degree of the involvement of the audience in comparison with an advertising campaign where standard marketing tools are used.

The technology of expanded or augmented reality is based on placing special markers in a digital format on packaging and other printed materials which serve for the subsequent visualization in the form of a sound, animation, three-dimensional objects, graphical drawings and other data. Hardware media for augmented reality are various gadgets (monitors, phones, tablets, points of virtual reality, screens etc). Using special markers, the application imposes digital data and displays them instead of the real existing image or over it.

Through the camera (iOS and Android applications for smartphones) the consumer quickly gets easy access to additional visual (including 3D), sound or text information concerning the product (a logo of the company, the geometrical image, text information, the goods presentation, etc.) in a convenient way.


  • Deep interaction with audience. Advertising campaigns in which AR is used, are oriented at interaction of goods with the potential consumer at the sensual level. Interactivity of process  allows consumer to get positive experience and, as a result, increases sales
  • wow-effect. packaging with AR-technology is vivid, interactive and interesting. thanks to augmented reality the data can be adapted for target audience of any age, sex, and interest
  • Virus effect. The buyer who is surprised and interested, shares his impressions with others
  • Loyalty to a brand. Positive and useful experience of the interaction of the consumer with goods increases brand recognition and increases the probability of repeated purchase
  • Mobile access. It is easy to install the application with AR into a smartphone or another gadget which provides fast and convenient communication with the client.
  • Analytics. The usage of AR allows collecting users statistics
  • The AR technology provides unrestricted opportunities in the field of упаковка для парфюмерии, promotional and other printed materials of new generation