VESNA is a printing plant with a complete closed production cycle focused on a high-quality offset B1 format printing.

By means of universal printing presses we can perform not only a traditional offset printing but also printing with UV inks on the metalized cardboard, plastic, synthetic paper, application of drip-off (hybrid printing).


Printing technologies 

Printing with UV inks, equipment for which processes various difficult materials using special inks, creates full-color images on moisture non absorbent surfaces.

Drip-off is a unique technology of a hybrid printing which allows creating exclusive textures on sheet cardboard of various weight due to combination of UV and regular glossy varnish.

Printing on the metalized cardboard allows applying of full-color images with various holographic effects and also reaching high precision of elements by means of an offset printing.

Flexographic printing on упаковка для конфет is also available. Our production shop is equipped with a roll-fed Mark Andy flexo press. Flexography is a technology which is characterized by relief roll printing with quick-drying inks on flexible materials.


Typography equipment

The modern equipment allows receiving high-quality hybrid printing (drip-off) on the metalized cardboard. The metalized cardboard is produced by our own laminating machine which allows applying of a wide range of films onto cardboard of various thickness: opaque, glossy, color, with nacreous effect, transparent and holographic ones.

Silk screen printing


The automatic silk screen printing machine is used for solid and spot varnishing, imitation of various types of materials, application of scratch coating.

Hot embossing presses

Hot embossing presses are intended for finishing operations over printed substrates, and for independent handling of products. They allow doing colorless, blind or hot embossing and also foil stamping.

Automatic die-cutting press


 Automatic presses are intended for die-cutting, creasing and perforation of various substrates. Also, they guarantee the quality of folding and gluing of boxes, completely automate the packaging production process.


VESNA printing enterprise is equipped with modern machinery for flexographic printing which makes use of highly elastic photo polymeric forms and liquid quick-drying inks.