Types of packages

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Ukrainian "VESNA" printing house for a long time is on the international market. 20 years of continuous development allowed us to reach the release of 30 million units of various types of packages per year.

Packing plays a huge role in product perception as well as its quality and value. Today's polygraphy allows to make not only packing from cardboard to order, but also a huge variety of other packing products. Each version has the advantages and shortcomings to business. Let's consider, what is the best of all to order packing for goods

Paper packing

Paper is a material, very light on weight, and very easy to use. It is easily possible to cut or give the form to it. Besides, paper is perfectly sealed. All these characteristics are ideal when it is necessary to produce an individual packing.

One more plus – its relative environmental friendliness, especially if packing is ordered from a kraft paper. Brownish products, besides, look very stylish and modern. They are often given preference in food industry thanks to moisture resistance and durability.

Cardboard packing

Many companies often prefer to order packing from cardboard. Coated cardboard has the same advantages, as paper, but at the same time it is more dense and reliable. The combination of different printing and finishing technologies, for example, of die - cutting and varnishing, allows to create the real packing masterpieces. Therefore ordered cardboard packing is a great option for packing of bonus goods. Also textured cardboard enjoys great popularity.

Packing from a corrugated cardboard

Not expensive option which is often chosen by transport companies when packing with a logo to order is necessary. A corrugated cardboard - rather strong and lightweight that allows to save on transportation services and ensures safety of the packed products. Important advantage of a corrugated cardboard - a possibility of repeated processing.

Modern printing machines allow to apply the press on a corrugated cardboard therefore production of cardboard packing under the order not a problem and packing from corrugated cardboard is often used also for placing goods on the shop shelves.

Packaging from plastic

Today plastic is used everywhere - from children's toys to spaceships. Production of foodstuff packaging also often uses it instead of more traditional materials. Plastic can be processed repeatedly, and it is more reliable, in comparison with paper or cardboard. Hermetic plastic boxes help to save food quality and to reduce risk of any impurity. Also they practically do not broke and can be stored in extreme conditions, for example, freezing chambers.

Packaging production service from transparent plastic materials especially popular as such packaging shows goods without opening.

Flexible packing

It is made of various polymeric films. It becomes more and more popular thanks to the low cost, lightweight and safety of products during storage time and transportation. It is often used for foodstuff and household chemicals. It does not absorb paint therefore there are certain restrictions during printing, especially if production of individual packing is necessary and it is about single or small run. However to order packing with a logo it is quite feasible.

Separately It should be noted flexible packing from a foil, especially popular among the companies which produce coffee or tea as it helps to increase essentially a storage period.